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Your base is under mortar attacks!!

Imagine you are playing in an event, you go on patrol around your basis and you suddenly hear on the radio « the base is under mortar attacks! ». What do you do? You run to the base to defend it? This may not be the best idea; you could be aimed by the enemy without realizing it. You go out to eliminate your enemy? It must be complicated if you don’t know where shooting from and it doesn’t stop while you are making decision, the enemies flee and your base has been destroyed.

From now, this is not a fiction movie anymore but a real airsoft game play. SKWairsoft.com has announced that the new Zoxna mortars HL1+are now available. These mortars launch water balloons what you can see in the video that can reach up to 150m according to the manufacturer’s info. Do you imagine all the things we could do with it?

How does it work? This is very simple. Fill the cartridge with CO2 and pour some water into balloon. Like in every movie, scream "fire in the hole" (not very necessary but it’s quite cool though) and slip it into the mortar’s tube. BOOM!! The balloon is launched.


Depend on the gas loading and the tube inclination, you will get either a greater or smaller range. We must recognize that aiming is a question of practice, but it’s always easier to aim a static objective than a mobile one. We will never repeat it enough, but never launch rigid projectiles that could hurt at the impact, so just use water balloons; the patent system is designed to be innocuous.

It seems that opens up a possibility to create new game roles...