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A British Band Of Brothers?

The story of ‘Paratrooper’ depicts the journey of Private Sidney Cornell up until the end of D-Day, June 6th, 1944. It’s a gripping, action-packed drama with a focus on historical accuracy and detail that will act as a launch for the series which will cover more stories of different individuals who either served in or were connected to Airborne Forces in WW2 and the battles in which they fought.


Paratrooper is an hour long, four season original content historically authentic action drama series based on the real life stories of the men and women who either served with or were connected to or fought against the airborne forces of the British and Commonwealth military during World War Two.

The series explores a number of different rarely explored narratives within the conflict including perspectives from those of ethnic minorities, who fought and whose contribution has rarely been acknowledged, to civilians caught in the midst of conflict, the women left waiting at home and those who fought on the opposing side.

Several characters recur throughout the story and give the dramatic narrative a sense of emotional continuity for the audience. Ultimately, we see how his period shapes and changes not only each character who lives through this part of history but how each makes their own contribution towards shaping the future of it.

There is no doubt that our project is ambitious but we are the right team for this job and we’re giving you, the public, who care as passionately about these stories and their historical accuracy as we do, the chance to be directly involved in its creation.

Your assistance will enable us to complete the pilot episode which will not only be a stand-alone film in its own right but will also accompany our pitch package to aid us in our goal to see the series commissioned by one of our target broadcast networks.

‘Nothing is impossible!’ is our motto! So check out the video, read on and we shall tell you all about it!