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Combat Alert 10 powered By Specna Arms – Gunfire’s video coverage.

Combat Alert is one of the biggest airsoft maneuvers in Poland. Every year, this event attracts hundreds of participants including airsoft players and military fans. So, if you are looking for extraordinary experiences, realistic conditions and good fun you should add it to your list of annual, airsoft events. This year's summer edition was a jubilee edition. For that reason, organizers decided to honor all participants by making Combat Alert 10 Powered By Specna Arms open and free of charge. It was not the end of good news. During 24-hours maneuvers participants could take part in various combat and military training under the supervision of professional instructors.

They were supplied by Specna Arms and could take advantage of the experience of technicians from Gunfire. Moreover, the players were accompanied by military vehicles like tanks or transport trucks. For the final encounter, both teams were transported to the battlefield. The skirmish took place on one of the biggest military training grounds in Europe and based on the scenario including a series of demanding tasks.

Specna Arms decided to get closer to the real action and took an active part in this year's edition. We have sent there our team members with cameras who spared no effort in traversing the battlefield. They were interviewing players and recording some of the juiciest skirmishes. They also had the opportunity to personally complete several combat tasks and lead one of the smaller scenarios. All in all, demanding conditions and great atmosphere of this year’s summer maneuvers made it an amazing and memorable experience.

Do you want to see how Combat Alert 10 Powered by Specna Arms went? Watch our video coverage on this great airsoft event and see for yourself.