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Firearms license on the EDGE

Specna Arms EDGE series under the Rock River Arms License

Our goal as an airsoft manufacturer is to provide you with high-quality and exceptional replicas. That is why in all models you will find such great features like high-tech ORION gearbox or built-in X-ASR MOSFET  from GATE. Nevertheless, with the EDGE series, we’ve been searching for something that would take Specna Arms brand to the higher level of realism and performance. To achieve that, we have reached Rock River Arms, the renown American manufacturer of firearms, parts and accessories for AR-15 type rifles and other firearms. The company was founded in 1996 by the Larson brothers who had been working at Springfield Armory and established a partnership with Les Baer. Today, operating in facilities in Colona, Illinois, the company produces a full line of “AR” style rifles, all built with the same focus on providing a high-quality product at a reasonable price (For more visit:www.rockriverarms.com).

We are proud, that we have acquired a licensing right from RRA and that EDGE series replicas will have thoroughly engraved their original markings on receiver.If you want to know more about upcoming Specna Arms EDGE series visit www.specnaarms.com.