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One of the distinguishing features of this model is its blue colour that APS has dubbed "Blue Flame" and that reminds us of some IPSC models. It can be seen in the fire selector, the trigger or the outer barrel and it is said to represents the lost souls or spirits that are among us. Which inspired the "Creepy Ghost Face" logo. Everything comes together to make this replica gun like "from another world".


It has a "Sound Blaster Type A” sound amplifier. Although at first glance is similar to the one reviewed in the PER V and PER VI, which mounted a different muzzle, the "Type B” muzzle. However, it generates, just like the other one, such a characteristic sound when shooting that in game there will be no doubt about who has eliminated who, you will leave your mark.


This replica has a 10-inch Evolution Tech 7.0 handguard with M-LOK system (originally developed by Magpul), on both sides. Unlike other replicas this does without the Picatinny up to the top (except for the few teeth at both ends) reducing its contour. To which you can directly attach accessories such as the "Dynamic hand stop type B" that comes standard and that will help you to quickly place the hand in the correct position.

Phantom folding sights

As for the aiming system, there is a set of Phantom folding sights with Picatinny rail coupling. With a finer and more stylised design than the Athena, it displays an open front, which, like the rear one, is adjustable. Although few airsofters actually do it, having that possibility its always a perk. A detail that we liked is that we can use them through our red dot, a good plan B to have when it fails or you run out of battery. 

Tactical pistol grip

The specifications of the pistol grip that APS has dubbed Phantom Overload Grip go beyond mere aesthetics. Its design absorbs the vibration generated by the operation of the motor in each shot. This entails some improvement in the performance of the motor and significantly reduces the battery charge to 10.5 amps.

Telescopic stock

The CRS stock (Collapsible Rifle Stock) follows the market trend of telescopic stocks. We liked being able to fold them to offer a lower profile, and thanks to its powerful spring, by it is fully deployed when pressing the button allowing you to aim better. Besides, you can disassemble the lower peak of the stock reducing the recoil pad from almost 12 centimetres to only 6. Made of quality polymer it is not only very light (450 g) but it is very resistant. And it still has some room (117 x 32 x 31 mm) to place most standard batteries in the market.