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Specna Arms Edge Orion Gearbox

The heart of the EDGE models is a brand new ORION Gearbox invented and designed by Specna Arms. This new model of a gearbox is based on the reinforced shell which makes itdurable and sturdy.We have equipped it with aluminum and steel internal parts to create a resistant unit that will meet even the highest demands. Straight from the box ORION has a number of high-quality parts improving the performance and is ready for further tuning. Inside the gearbox, you will find the piston with the steel tooth rack for the higher durability of the whole unit, aluminum nozzle with an internal O-ring for reduction of air leakage and aluminum piston head with a ball bearing to increase the FPS. To add some extra precision and smoothness to EDGE replicas we have used in the ORION gearbox aluminum cylinder head and 8mm ball bearings. All in all, to offer you high-quality gearbox and the upper hand on the battlefield.

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