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8 Funny working dog memes that'll make you wag your tail

Military working dogs and police canines are some of the most capable members of their respective forces. But they also have big pointy or floppy ears and wagging tails and cute little paws and sometimes we just can't even help ourselves and we want videos of them being fur missiles or photos of them searching for stuff or any memes of them.

Coincidentally, that's what we have here: 8 memes of awesome working dogs and police canines (except one is probably a military family's pet but whatever):

1.When you're recruiting new officers and get the perfect applicant:

"You're hired. Please proceed to the kennels for unlimited petting."

2.No dog is not a lap dog.

And yes, I know this is probably a pet German Shepherd, but there's some officer in the photo so I'm letting it slide.

3.Best carry-on luggage you can get.

Just watch out for the luggage tags. They'll snap on you if the restraints come off.

4."I never said it was a high-five."

"It's really just me signing my work, sergeant."

5.Some abductor is about to get a really rude awakening.

Also, Ronin is a pretty sweet name for a police dog.

6.Why you trying to shame him? He's just doing his job.

As long as you know, for sure, he's the bad guy before you bite him, what's the problem?

7.I know this is dumb, but I still want to hug him.

I mean, it's free. What do you have to lose? Besides a bicep.

8.You uh, you might want to start lifting there, bud.

Gonna need to eat lots of bad guys for protein, as well. But first, come lick our faces.