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New Secutor INVICTA shotguns!

INVICTA, the new shotguns Secutor has announced. A new "gearbox" and very powerful new models!

In 0’20 it is going to be hard to decide who will keep this shotgun! If you don’t believe us, look at the second picture, it is not fake!

The shotguns have several internal upgrades: silicone tubes, larger and tighter clamps, stronger hammer spring, improved cylinder, new spring guide, thicker and better quality O-rings, CNC aluminum parts, new screws and body gearbox made of polymer.

The range consists of 5 new models of which the following stand out externally:

·        Metal M-Lok handguard, very well made and very adjusted to the contour to offer a low profile, very trendy in the current arms market.

·        The G·III and the G·V models have their load tanks in the connecting piece between the pistol grip and the body (a) and the G·V model also includes the grip already assembled (b) as standard.

·         All shotguns include 3 cartridges of 30 BBs.

·         All shotguns have a selector in their ejection port (c) that allows firing 3 or 6 BBs.

·         In the G·II model, the pistol grip itself is also the gas tank, which can be load at the bottom (d).

·         The G·II and G·III models are available in black and tan, while the G·V model is only available in black.