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THIS IS NOT FOR AIRSOFT. At least not for classic airsoft, once you have understood this concept, you may continue reading this review of the Ares PTS01. Indeed, this is an Ares model that we had never seen before in 6 mm, a rather strange occurrence, since we have been in the game for so many years. But of course, if anyone can afford to develop a product of such complexity, quality and specific audience, it is Ares.

The concept is clear, to create a competition rifle (using 6 mm ammunition) to train sport shooting of air rifles.

Olympic shooting

Olympic shooting is a sport in which the user must shoot a firearm or compressed air gun with precision at a shooting target, these rifles are entirely designed around their ergonomics, materials and capabilities to offer the shooter the highest shooting precision in competition distances and therefore are "tools" that are not available to everyone.

Why does it stand out?

There are many different details to this PTS01, from the 15 adjustable parts to make the rifle an extension of our own arm to the CNC finishes of the body. This model is available in a spring version, with a power of 2 joules, but Ares has confirmed that it can be upgraded to the CO2 version. It has a weight of 4,600 gr and a total length of 1250 mm, figures which are very similar to those of real competition models. Another detail similar to the real models is that it lacks a magazine, therefore the 6 mm BB will have to be loaded manually in each shot.

Precision manufacturing

The rifle body is made of CNC 6063 aluminium and metal, which is the material cutting procedure with a computer numerical-control machine. The CNC machining process interprets the 3D CAD model and translates the data to the CNC machine.

Millimetric adjustment

This is the most adjustable stock we have ever seen, it allows to adjust the height of the recoil pad and the length of the stock, and we can also adjust the cheek rest, which, all together, allows us to configure the stock to our own measure (regardless of how big or small we are) so that when we shoulder the replica, our eye is automatically aligned with the sight. And if this were not enough, the lower “horn” of the stock is designed so that it holds us below the armpit, making the stock fit much better on the shoulder of each shooter.

Wooden grip

The grip is made of wood and with the ergonomics of the right hand, making the grip more comfortable. Its design is also straighter than what we usually find, so the position of the index finger is more perpendicular to the trigger. This is better since the position of the hand is natural when shooting and it is less forced, something much appreciated in such a precise discipline. One detail that the real model has is that the pistol grip is usually made to measure for the shooter so that the adjustment is as precise as possible.

Precision trigger

The trigger also follows its own design and is made of stainless steel. One detail that we liked is that both the trigger travel and its height can be adjusted so that it fits much better in the shooter's hand.

Precision a 10mts

As it is a rifle designed to hit the target precisely at 10 meters on a 5 cm diameter target, the model lacks a hop-up chamber. Therefore, the good news is that it will not be necessary to adjust the hop in each shot, the bad news is that we will not have the adjustment capacity that the hop-up gives us for further shots or with a BB of different grammage.