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The KSK and their branches

The  KSK is a volunteer force with aprox. 1.100 people, most of them in telecommunications and logistic areas. Women can't join to a combat platoon, but they can to communications, logistic or operation center.

There are four combat companies, with about 100 people each.

There's divided into five platoons:

1: On-ground insertion.
2: Intelligence, vertical insertion (air).
3: Amphibians.
4: Mountain / Polar operations.
5: Recon and sniper/counter-sniper operations.

The basic combat unit is the Kommandotrupp (KdoTrp), consisting of four soldiers specialized in weapons, combat engineering, communications and first aid. Generally this unit is led by the most experienced solider with rank Hauptfeldwebel or sergeant major.

If necessary, the unit can also count with a translator specialist. If the operation requires several Kommandotrupp, the leader would be an official or Kommandooffizier (KdoOffz), who counts with exactly the same training as the rest. The control of operations falls onto the Kommando Führung Operationen von Spezialkräften (KdoFOSK) from the operations center in Geltow, near Potsdam.

The aspiring soldiers that are accepted have to train during two or three years in a specialization. Usually members of KSK train 250 days per year. The locations of their trainings are as follow:

Austria - Mountain
Norway - Polar
El Paso - Desert
Belize - Jungle
Arizona - Parachuting/Skydiving
San Diego - Amphibious
Canada - Snipers

The garrisoned forces in Calw has available a modern shooting range where they can simulate through a computer several atmospheric conditions and situations. Rescue missions are practiced there.