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Chest Rig Configuration

Let's face it, every airsofter enjoys both playing and preparing the kits. Because when you buy a vest or a chest rig you don't buy just one, but a platform from which you can build as many variants as you can imagine. And that is precisely what we bring you today, different chest rig configurations to offer the best performance in different situations. Which one do you prefer?

Ready For CQB

There is nothing lighter and more comfortable than a chest rig to move swiftly around a CQB, put an insert for four MP5 magazines (yes, in CQB being able to change magazines is something very necessary) and two grenades to clear the most difficult rooms. And the bag can be used as a front drop pouch to place the empty magazines and be able to reload faster, or to avoid losing the rings of the grenades after throwing them, or even to be able to pick up the grenades quickly. 

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