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Emersongear TIER1 Operator

The AOR2 or Navy Working Uniform Type III is a uniform developed for the US Navy which has gained tremendous popularity thanks to its use by special units such as the SEALs or the DEVGRU. The gear in this article is not so much about recreating either of these two elite units as it is about showing a combination of equipment with which to dazzle in the fields, because airsoft is our passion and we love showing off.

EmersonGear EXF BUMP Helmet/Protective (EM8981)

This version with holes replicates the Team Wendy EXFIL® CARBON helmet that they in helicopters, since it offers them protection just against blows, not bullets. This model enables greater ventilation and evacuation of heat in airsoft, which will not only make us sweat less but our glasses will fog-up less too.

It carries an EXFIL® Carbon & LTP Rail 2.0 type rails system to which we have added the headset with an attachment for this system and a small flashlight. Although Jason wears it with the Velcro in the episode, it seems safer to wear it there so as to not to lose it.

Emersongear L4G24 NVG Mount (EM7883)

On the front of the helmet we have attached a replica of the L4G24 mount for night vision. Even if its coupling is very easy, it is more comfortable to wear it and simply mount the NVG when you need it. And if you want you can take advantage of the rubber with a helmet hook to secure it and make sure that you do not lose it while playing. Something you must do when you mount the NVG, which is no easy task.

We like this system because it allows us to lift the lens when we do not use it, and regulate the distance to the face to adjust it for use with glasses (in a game) or without glasses (if you like night trekking, where you also have to practice moving around with an NVG).  


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