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First Marui's GBBR out available!


This is it. After months (that honestly felt like years...) of fine tuning and R&D, Marui is finally ready to unleash its very first GBBR.

The M4A1 MWS has come a long way since it first showing at the Tokyo Hobby Show back in 2014 and it's pretty safe to say that the japanese manufacturer has once again hit bullseye on this one.

Here's a breakdown of its outstanding features:

- The 18mm cylinder produces an unprecedented recoil that few GBBR's can rival

- The specially engineered Z-System prolongs the life of the bolt and other parts by greatly reducing the stress imposed on them.

- The Cerakote finish (the same coating applied on real steel US M4's) makes the weapon rugged and impervious to abrasion, ideal for those who like to play rough.

- CNC Aluminum for the upper receiver and the handguard

- 35 rounds die-cast aluminum magazine

- Removable out barrel

Own Marui's first GBBR today for just 409.95£ and free shipping in the UK!