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War machines of the future (part 1)

It is a project of the photographer Maria Skotnikova, which is responsible for creating HDR environment maps that have been used as a light source and backplanes, and the Russian Vitaly Bulgarov, which is the 3d modeler and artist.

The following pictures represent "10 Days of Mech" which is the time propossed to plan work, models and photograph manufacture; design of course took more.

These guys have already worked as creative artists for Blizzard (Diablo, Starcraft, WoW ...) and we must say that remind us of mechanized units of Terrans...

Day 1: Arachnid tank

Day 2: Scout dog (future ghost)

Day 3: Mobile artillery complex

Day 4: Autonomous public patrol

Day 5: PLC infantry class "praetorian 01"