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KG-9 A

The real KG9 was designed by the Swedish company Interdynamic AB as an economic SMG for the military world. However, it didn't work out, so they tried their luck in the US civilian market with a semi-automatic version.

There it became very popular among criminals due to its open bolt design, which made it easy to turn it into an automatic. So, that detail was required to be changed by the ATF, which gave birth to the KG99 or TEC9 that is so often seen in TV series, from the A Team to Sons of Anarchy, as well as in films like Robocop or SWAT.

The manufacturers, RWA (not to be confused with the distributors Redwolf), have made this KG9 replica like a PTW. This AEG has a compact design, an amazing rate of fire and is an ideal replica for open and CQB environments. This model is going to have gold and chrome limited editions


This SMG (submachine gun) has an upper receiver made of sheet iron, while the lower receiver is made of nylon fibre. The choice of materials aims to replicate the real model as closely as possible.

Firing Mode

The original model only fired in semiautomatic and had no firing selector (not even a safety!). However, this model became popular with criminals because it was so easy to modify for automatic fire. Therefore, this replica of a "movie bad boy" shoots only in automatic (although this one does have a safety catch).


This 1980 model is based on the Carl Gustav M45, a new Swedish design with American later additions. It came without tactical ornaments, RIS, adjustable sights etc. However it was a huge success as anyone carrying it looked a real "bad ass".


Its compact size makes it ideal for CQB or combat at close range. And although it only shoots in automatic, it shoots 800 balls per minute, taking only 7 seconds to empty is 90-ball clip.

Mini-dean connectors

With no Stock, the wiring system is in the front with mini deans to ensure less loss from connections. The battery (7.4V LiPo included in the pack) is housed in the fore-stock where nothing else would fit so easily.