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The most wanted woman by the DAESH

There is nothing in the world that issue the members of the Islamic State killed by a woman.

Militants of the Islamic State believe that if they die in combat at the hands of a woman, their souls will burn in hell, contrary to what would happen if they fall into the hands of a man.

Helly Luv, one of the women most wanted by the Islamic State. Helly's personal history is marked by the character of its Kurdish blood. His mother was a peshmerga guerrilla, literally 'those who face death' for the freedom of Kurdistan.

"My mother became a guerrilla at age 16. My father and grandfather also were".

In early 2014, Helly Luv ignited. With her throwing a molotov, sexy dancing on a lion or tens of Kurdish flags in the wind, 'Risk it all' became an unprecedented success for a country pop artist.

A few months after recording the video, ISIS attacked Kurdistan. Helly recalls that

"then, normal people, people who work selling food, went to the front to fight the Islamic State".

"Our resistance against ISIS not received sufficient international attention."