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8 large changes in combat gear

1. Armor Protection

The development of armor plates lighter ceramic. Commercially, there are dozens of companies that produce plate carriers, with models Crye Precision, London Bridge Trading… between special operations units and others able to use all its equipment not issued.

2. New materials

A lot of tactical team today is moving beyond sanity nylon. Laser cut and laminated fabrics. This is essential given the increased load vest communications and ammunition that has become the norm in the past 15 years of war.

3. Adaptabilty

The arrival of the modular transport equipment means a light load modular equipment for fixing a load-bearing platform system. But anyone who has put in a vest MOLLE pouches know how laborious it can be. MOLLE has given the end user more options, but the change between those options is not a quick process.

4. The decreased visibility

Unconventional warfare on the battlefield has created requirements for operating among civilians. As a result porta manufacturers have developed lighter and smaller equipment where better to hide the equipment.

5. More frontline teams

The gun belt has seen a resurgence in recent years, and has developed several new styles of products, padded with capacity MOLLE, often called 'battle' or war belts "have shifted the focus to the 'first line' - the basics that allow you to move and fight.

6. Shoes

Over the past decade, commercial hiking boots have gained popularity among the troops. Companies have realized and are now offering hiking shoes specifically aimed at military market. A good pair of boots can really make all the difference.

7. Comfort

There have been great strides taken to reduce some of the discomforts that come with the use of equipment for long periods of time. The 'combat shirt', designed to provide more ventilation when worn under armor, is now commonplace. Integrating knee pants helps eliminate soft ankle syndrome.

8. Availability

Right now a lot of manufacturers and brands are bringing to market airsoft all original material to a more discounted price and high quality for the practice of airsoft.