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2015 ICS EBB Revival system products

We would like to share with you that "2015 ICS EBB Revival system products." ICS make 5 most popular M4 series products in EBB system, including M4A1, M4 RIS, M4A1 Tubular RAS L and S, and CXP-08.

The EBB revival system keeps their most prominent feature, "split gearbox", and upgrades many functions to enhance the pleasure of playing with ICS.

For the EBB system products, it not only includes the one piece upper receiver, receiver locking pins, and spring releasing function, but also has upgraded gears, such as reinforced MIM pinion and bevel gear, metal Hop-up set, or reinforced piston.

Thus, if you are looking for M4 series guns, ICS EBB revival system product is the best choice.