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The most popular uniform?

The most popular uniform I not so long ago, used by many units across the planet and now… gone? No, there are still SF that use them.

How? What do not you believe it? Yes, the MARSOC, the special forces unit ceded by the Marines to USSOCOM (something like the club SF US) continue to use this kit in their deployment in Afghanistan.

Yes, you hear well. Although his default uniform is MARPAT, often use this pattern to go unnoticed among Afghans commands that are deployed and so the enemy will cost more to find the 'heinous' Americans.


The original piece that replicates the combat shirt was designed to be worn under the vest. So the chest and back are made of cotton, more soft, breathable, and prevents chafing.


- Breathable
- Zippered
- Removable elbow pads
- Elbowa reinforced textile
- Pockets with velcro closure
- Velcro patches
- 50% Polyester / 50% Cotton
- Velcro closing