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Navigators pouch

The navigator that team member in charge of guiding us in both day and night cruises. Expert in handling the compass, map, maps, the gps..e even the stars if the case arises to lead his team to the exact point.

Many times this team member uses a GPS as the more than known by all garmin. There are many options that are to take your GPS navigator hand and can guide the team but today we discovered this pouch so interesting.

This pouch is manufactured by NESworkshop for Garmin eTrex 10/20/30. It will allow us to access and use the GPS much faster. It has a transparent PVC cover so we can see the GPS screen.

This PVC window also allow us to use the touch screen of any device that can stay in the pouch. Also it carries with velcro strips which also use them to hold us the pouch on the wrist can put it on any surface with velcro.