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Thinking equipped with a grenade?

Kimera is the name of the grenade of the moment. Legend has it that this grenade is the fastest way to reuse the market, we have again and you're going to try. The grenade is ready to run on green gas, not CO2, especially Duel Code 134. Also as with the GBB must take into account weather conditions and extreme heat have very present.

The mechanism of grenade is quite simple, consisting of two parts, one of them have the red plunger, which we have gone down and subject to the ring to load the grenade, and the other part a small 'bowl' where we can put some safe and fine powder to improve the experience offered by us and giving a touch a bit more realistic, but beware, not fill it with bbs.

The new version of thea grenade Kimera JR has been improved both performance and reliability. This new version has all the advantages of the previous version while correcting its weaknesses. His new anchoring system makes it even easier and faster to assemble. We have also reinforced parts that suffer most from the impacts and added a cord clamp to facilitate the collection of the grenade after detonation.