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Upgrades in our replicas

Some airsofters prefer to use 0.23 or 0.25 to play or select rifleman shooter, especially when there is wind. And of course then there are the snipers who choose heavier balls: 0.30 g, 0.40 g or 0.43 g.

Why use quality Bbs

it is well known by many airsofters it depends on what kind of bbs utilizemos get a better flight our shots. But not all are aware of this so we wanted to write this for those clueless.

The use of quality bbs and not any bbs we find out there will help us avoid many headaches. A ball sleazy negatively affect us in ball flight while shooting giving shorter range and a worse effect.

Not only flight is affected, many poor quality bbs are split when the shoot which will make the ball fall apart.

A feature of the bbs quality is worse than its diameter/caliber is never accurate which will cause us problems jams and malfunctions in the camera and hop-up the canyon even to create plugs…

Why use quality Canyons

The steel Deep Fire precission canyons are manufactured and processed with the same perfection as other well known brands as Guarder and Prometheus to ofercer a cannon high quality at a reasonable price. Why settle for less when you can have quality at a good price?

The inner diameter of 6.02mm of guns precision Deep Fire is ideal to make the most most Airsoft replica. Our guns narrow diameter help increase the performance and accuracy of virtually any reply.

Why use a quality hop up camera

You know what makes the hop-up in a replica why is it so important? Well we could give you a kind of advanced physics and explain the whole theory of magnus effect but this will be better.

Hop Up camera is the most important element in our replicas.