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The choice of pouches

In your mind is the game, visualize goals, you anticipate incidents and you value alternatives. And you have not left home. You're riding your vest filling his backpack and setting the rest of your kit.

Because so important is all that going to do once you have started the game, as everything you've done to prepare before.

The choice of the pouches, the backpack to vest is only ours.

Many sharpshooters combine the two types of chargers, placing the quick release closer to the opposite hand to shoot for the first recharge as fast as possible while keeping the rest of protected chargers.

Once the fast extraction pouches have been empty and combat stress has ceased, we can fill them with closed chargers can recharge to continue without wasting any time in the next combat action pouches.

And that is why we can find these pouches fast extraction, not to get caught by surprise and able to face the enemy.


Dimensions: 16 x 17 x 5 cm.

100% polyester

4 Chargers

Adjustable gums

Molle system

Brand: Tactical Pielcu