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Do you like the AKs?

Assault rifle AK-47 was first developed in the USSR in 1945. The original AK-47 was the first assault rifle manufactured, after the original German STG44 (Sturmgewehr 44).

Even after six decades the model and its variants remain the most used assault rifles and popular in the world due to its durability, low production cost and ease of use. It has been manufactured in many countries and has served with the armed forces as well as irregular forces worldwide.

This AK47 is equipped with handguard with ris is fitted for its optical or other accessory ris, and also has a handle for greater control.

14mm muzzle "-" AKM

Handguard with ris

including folding Grip

AK47 Metal body with top ris

Adjustable Hop Up

Shot Selector: Semi / Full and Insurance

8,4V stick battery

Ready to shoot 350 FPS

HiCap charger


Length: 945mm, 715mm (with folded stock)

Barrel Length: 455mm

Shooting mode: Safety, Full-Auto, Semi-Auto

Weight (g): 3770

Color: Black

Battery: 8.4V

Charger Capacity: 550 rds

Material: Metal & Plastic

Power: 350 FPS

Brand: CYMA