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Cool replicas

The best of the replicas is that you can personalizartelas to your liking until you find your perfect tool to remove. This results in wonders like this:

But surely you have more and better examples to teach, why do not you pass us and share with the rest of airsofters?

Noveske By OriO Factory

Daniel Defense AR15 Lite Rail 12.0 FSP (Realspec)
King Arms Rail Cover 3-pc Set ( Tan )
King Arms Accessories Set D for M4 series
G&P Limited Edition Magpul Type Metal Body (BK)
G&P Type II Flashhider (Vltor Type)
Ergo Grip (Airsoft 2008 Version) (DE)
Core A.R.M.S Unit 41BL Style Flip Up Front Sight
Magpul PTS M93A ( Tan )
Madbull Noveske Ver. Outter Barrel
Madbull Gemtech Halo Silencer (Export Version) (TN)