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The Chris Kyle custom

We love the mavericks. So all those who take a model and customize to their liking always have a little hole in our hearts.

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Because nothing is perfect until you catch one and gets down to work. ¿What need a replica to be perfect in your hands? There are many options, all valid.

So we continue with the customs for all those hipsters and the truth is that they are not given anything wrong you Do not believe us? Well take a look at this custom:

M15 A4 CQB CLASSIC ARMY style Chris Kyle.


- Full Metal.

- With High Torque engine.

- Crane Stock Culata.

- Interchangeable metal Alza.

- Hop-up metal and new hop-up rubber.

- Electrical system modified.

- Gear Box Version 2 reinforced bearings 7 mm.

- New steel gears, sealed cylinder, spring guide and piston head with bearings.

- Logo Armalite and individual serial number printed on the body.

- Shooting mode semiautomatic and automatic.

- Output speed of 311-360 fps BBs / 95-110 mps.

- High capacity Charger Type 300 bbs.

- Length 700/780 mm Weight 3,000 g.

- Internal Canyon of 6.08 mm.

- Type Crane Stock battery.