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10 Shocking Trivia of World War II

World War II is one of the most devastating episodes in history. This conflict of the twentieth century (1939-1945) which was a state of 'total war' in which the main contenders their entire economic, military and scientific service of the war effort capacity, shocking hidden data.

1. About 3% of the world population in 1939 died in World War II

This conflict was the deadliest in the history of mankind, with a final result of more than 60 million deaths which represents about 3% of the existing population in 1939 (2,000 million). If this calculation takes deaths from war-related hunger and disease the number killed more than 80 million account.

2. More than one million Jewish children were murdered in the Holocaust 

It is estimated that the Germans and their allies killed a total of a half children million including more than one million Jewish children and tens of thousands of Gypsy children, Poles, Soviets and Germans with physical or mental disabilities are included.

3. More than 5 million Soviet prisoners of war were killed by the Nazis in the period 1941 and 1942

As part of Operation Barbarossa, the Nazi Germany started the war against the Soviet Union, the invading army killed eight months to more than 2 million Soviet prisoners of war using techniques such as hunger, exposure to poisonous gases or summary executions. In total, more than 5 million Soviet prisoners were killed.

4. Venomous animals of the London zoo were sacrificed

With the outbreak of war on September 1, 1939, the London Zoo killed virtually all venomous animals that were in their facilities. This measure sought to avoid casualties in the event that the zoo was bombed and animals flee.

5. US and New Zealand tested 3.700 'tsunami bomb'

During World War II, the United States and New Zealand conducted a secret operation called "Project Seal" to create a devastating 'tsunami bomb' can devastate coastal cities. Around 3,700 bombs were detonated in New Caledonia (Oceania) and Auckland (New Zealand) during testing.

6. Hitler planned to turn Moscow into a lake

During the Battle of Moscow, the Soviet capital was considered the main military and political objective of the Axis forces for the invasion of the USSR. According to the plans of Adolf Hitler, Moscow, Leningrad and Kiev with, it should be destroyed and covered by a large artificial lake with the opening of the dam Moscow-Volga canal.

7. Japan bombed China with fleas infected with bubonic plague 

n 1940, the Imperial Japanese Army bombed the Chinese city of Ningbo with ceramic bombs filled with fleas infected with bubonic plague. This caused numerous illnesses and the deaths of more than 100 people.

8. In October 1941 more than 30,000 Jews were brutally murdered by Romanian and German troops

Between 1941 y1942 allied to Nazi German and Romanian troops were involved in the mass murder of Jews and Gypsies. In October 1941 in Odessa more than 30,000 Jews were brutally killed, being shot or burned alive. During the German and Romanian occupation more than 100,000 Jews from Odessa and the areas between the Dniester River and the Bug river were killed.

9. During World War II the Oscar statuette was painted plaster

Since 1929, the Academy Award Oscar statuette polished with bright gold and bronze, nickel or copper. However, during three years of this global conflict there were acute shortages of these metals due to the manufacture of weapons and the award was made of painted plaster.

10. After the war, Hitler planned to build a "museum of an extinct race" 

Nazi leader Adolf Hitler wanted to build a "museum of an extinct race" in which objects exhibit Jews after they are exterminated.