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Stirling Airsoft like to use vehicles, who doesn't?

Most of the Stirling Airsoft's events aren't as tough as that though, but what is really impressive is the vast amount of equipment they use. For example the fleet of vehicles they have access into is impressive.

It's quite they like to use vehicles, who doesn't? They once again provide an element of realism and for this reason they use vehicles which are as close to what is used in real conflicts as possible.

Stirling Airsoft have access to everything from military quads, snatch land rovers, WMIKs, boats and even a Saracen APC. They have also used special vehicles in certain events such as helicopters and a fishing boat from which to deploy our rafts onto a beach.

They all provide a singular element to these events and allow them to perform missions which differ from what most are accustomed to in conventional Airsoft.