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The new HK433 rifle for the German Military

Pictures of the new Heckler and Koch rifle is showing up all over the net. Designated as the HK433, the new H&K rifle is developed for the German military. Some sources claim that the HK433 has features came from both the G36 and the HK416. The HK443 will be cheaper than both of those older H&K models.

Externally the new HK 433 resembles the FN SCAR, ACR, Beretta ARX100 and the CZ 805/806 with its forward charging handle and monolithic upper with continuous top rail.

The side-folder stock has both adjustable cheek piece and collapsible length. That’s the HKey modular inferface on the handguard. The controls seems to has a HK416 magazine release, a traditional H&K style selector, and the button at the front of the trigger guard should be the bolt release. All three of those buttons are duplicated on the left side of the receiver for fully ambidextrous weapon control.

This image shows the HK433 with a suppressor mounted. The forward folding charging handle reminded me the one found on the old H&K G3. Unlike the G3, the HK433’s charging handle could be mounted on either side. From the look of it, the HK433 should has a metal trunnion for its barrel.