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The 0’20 Magazine 10th issue has been released!

The 0’20 Magazine 10th issue has been released!! Click here and read it ;) http://020mag.com/magazine/

A reality already available FOR FREE in:

- Hard copies: go to your usual shop and ask for it!!

- Mobile version: interactive, with videos, photo galleries, gifs and lots of extra information.

- Computer version: to enjoy your airsoft reading time calmly at home


Behind the first cover, you will find:

- History through our hobby

- Rw. Secutor Gladius

- Protecting the protector. Rw. Wiley X

- Rw. Armorer Works

-Guerrilla Warfare. Rw. Z-Tactical

- When less is more. Rw. Helikon-Tex

- Born of experience. Rw. Nuprol

- Dumb ways to be hit in CQB

- United we stand, divided we fall