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You either run faster than the BB or you will simply be eliminated

You have been warned. You either run faster than the BB or you will simply be eliminated. It's that simple. ICS has prepared the MARS as an evolution of its legendary CXP series, little more can be asked internally and externally, it is designed for marksmen, and its operation... well, that depends more on your aim and how fast your target runs.



The handguard is lowered in its central part by its four sides, from the RIS extrusion to the KeyMod. Something that enables a better grip as it is narrower, making it easier to find the position of the support hand, almost working as a finger stop.


On the sides and the bottom of the handguard you can find RIS plates to attach to the KeyMod and be able to use your usual accessories. Although the handguard will not be so narrow, as this RIS protrudes slightly sideways from the replica.

This is an overview, in the 11th issue, you will be able to read the complete review and our neat analysis. And believe us, ICS finds other ways to surprise us...