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The Strongest Men on the earth, what SEALs wear

The United States most mysterious elite, SEALs

Navy SEa, Air and Land Teams, as SEALs is a special force belongs to United States Navy, also known as triphibious special force, main tasks are unconventional warfare, domestic and foreign defense, direct operation, anti-terrorism, special investigation. To become a member of SEALs, the applicants must pass the Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL, BUD/S first, and professional SEAL Qualification Training, SQT, finally can receive the SEALs badge. To cater the unit they working for, members must wear modified BDU, for example CP Camouflage at Afghanistan-War, when members were on patrol, they always wear the Arabic robe as the local civilians to engage the operation. 

United States Navy SEALs team is one of the most mysterious and threatening special force on earth, even now people have no idea where they operate, when they are operating, where is their training base, and so on, but this mysterious force shows up whenever the country needs. According to the released information, there are only 2000 members on the service, they are strong, intelligent, because of the operations at night, the requirements of the eye sight are almost same as the fighter jet plane pilot. The methods of physical training were accepted by most countries, Chinese Marine Corps and special force at every military district also accepted some of the training way of SEALs. 

For now there are 8 certified teams of triphibious special force. The orginal triphibious combat team divided SEALs ONE at Western Coast and SEALs TWO at Eastern Coast. The triphibious on serve now divided 8 teams; 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10. These teams can be dispatched every corner on earth, every team is directed by a Navy Lieutenant Colonel (O-5), every team has several Triphibious special battle teams and a Headquarter. In 1987, Triphibious Special Combat Team 6 was named The United States Naval Special Warfare Development Group or (DEVGRU), but many people still call them SEAL Team Six, SEAL Team 2, 4, 8 and 10 stations at Little Creek Amphibious Base at Virginia Beach. One working unit components Sniper, Breaker, Communicator, Navigation Engineer, Medic, Close Support, Pilot, Main Loader Driver, Heavy Weapon Operator, Confidential location Developer, Air combat officer, Climbing Leaders, Navigation Driver, Interrogators, Bursting Workers, Technical Supervision, Advanced Special Operations.

Any of the United States soldiers, to become a SEAL commandos is their goal of life, its the utmost honor as a soldier. And United States costs billions of dollars on 2000 members of SEALs. 

Now let’s have a look at what kinds of gear make this mysterious force so undefeatable. 

This helmet called FAST, Future Assault Shell Technology, and FAST helmet is the Star that the SEALs team wearing, it’s publicize is higher than any the other helmets. Compare to the traditional helmets, this helmet has many advantages. It has cut the Ear Protection Structure to wear different Anti-Noise headphones, and the weight has decreased a lot . It’s design satisfy the protection, also considered the head equipment like Communication Earphone, Night Vision, Tactical Light, Camera, Glasses and Masks.

In 2004, FNSCAR manufactured first generation gun, in the middle of 2005, first group of SCAR Rifles are serving officially in the United States troops, gradually taking place of M16. As United States Army has Naval Style Naming customs, 2 rifles of FN SCAR finalized as5.56mm NATO, Mark 16Rifle (SCAR-L) and7.62mm NATO, Mark 17(SCAR-H).

Special Forces basicly equipped Light weight vest to special military operation, the Vests has double secured by Kavlar and ceramics plate. Able to block the shooting of AK-47 and M4. Because the body armors have the MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) function, it can carry various of tactical equipments. The Body Armors SEALs wearing is the most expensive style from HUGGE. Definitely the Porsche of the Body Armor.

As the top combat team of US military, SEALs are also the hipsters of fashion, they are at the front of the fashion. The individual equipments of SEALs are the top line of the world, also their Battle Dress Uniform(BDU) is also unique. They wear the BDU G3 series from Crye Precision. G3Training uniform has the complete new design concept, the material is driFIRE that light weight and breathing, Flame retardant, this technology could save soldiers getting burned from the gun fire. It’s very comfortable when using body armor or tactical vests on the uniform. The pants pockets at the front and sides can put the daily items, and it has the knee pad to provide a efficient protection.

This G3 Pants is modified on classic CPG3 that SEALs wear, make it more light weight and breathable, it definitely will be more than enough for your daily wear and tactical outfit . Our goal is let the Camouflage get into daily life, gorgeous camouflage and detailed handicraft must bring the fire to your life. 

This camouflage pants use the latest CPMultiCam, the material has the patent from Crye Precision that it is more hideous with the environment under natural light, and it is top camouflage pants that goes along with various outfits. 


Camouflage Temptation

Hot Blood Core of Military Fans

This MC base training pants are simple styled and unique, are fits for the outdoor activity and daily life wear, gained tide positive feedbacks when it’s been released to the market.

MultiCam is mature and solemn, it doesn’t need exaggerated matching skills, you can go on the street with only a Tshirt or a casual sweater. 

The material is authentic MultiCam which is lattice cloth of 65% polyester and 35%cotton which makes it more ripstop and wearable, but on the style it’s more slim and close to city casual.

Pants have several close pockets can carry various toolkits, urgent medicine, whistle and so on to outdoor. For daily wear it can carry cell phone, wallet, earphones... 

Multi-layers multi-functional design, the velcro closes to speed the efficiency, easy to take out and put in, protects your personal belongings. 

Absorbent, anti-scratch lattice material brings you the softness, comfortable and breathable experience, makes you to face the challenges in everyday life.


MultiCam Base Training Pants

Quality Details

This camouflage pants show the fashion taste in design, easy back pockets and dimensional leg pockets are practical and personal.

Military Product Quality, cared dyeing, the top in the various camouflage pants.

Cool style, fashion design element, emphasize the personality, is your choice second to none.

One of the hot light of this pants is the upgraded knee pad pocket based on CPG3, makes it light and capable, enclose the mouth at the end of knee pad pocket with velcro, easy to install protective pads.

By the leg it remained the military version shrink bandage, this function makes more handsome when fit with boots, it protects you by preventing the sand or worms get into the pants.