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‘Legion of Brothers’: Fighting on Horseback in Afghanistan

This article was originally published at undertheradar.military.com by James Barber

Legion of Brothers tells the mostly forgotten story of the Green Berets of US Special Forces 5th Group, men who invaded Afghanistan in the days immediately following 9/11. Fewer than 100 men routed Al Qaeda and the Taliban in a matter of weeks in one of the most successful operations in U.S. military history.

You might remember that some of our troops fought on horseback in Afghanistan during the operation. We’ve got a clip from the movie that features those men.

Legion of Brothers was directed by Greg Barker, who previously won an Emmy for directing HBO’s Manhunt, about the search for Osama bin Laden, and produced by CNN National Security Analyst Peter Bergen.

Most Americans don’t remember how this operation ended. After weeks of unbroken success, regular American troops came in for the mop-up just as the Taliban was ready to surrender. Legion of Brothers explores the friendly-fire incident that resulted in the first American casualties in the War on Terror and strongly suggests that the new arrivals’ desire to see some “action” resulted in the deaths.

The movie opens at Cinema Village in NYC starting today (5/19) and will open in 10-15 more cities (including Los Angeles) over the next few weeks.  If it doesn’t play a theater in your city, Legion of Brothers will be available On Demand and DVD 6/26.