VF Airsoft is a project that with several youtubers’ cooperation, and today, it has become one of the biggest Youtube airsoft channels in Germany. With more than five years experiences, the quality of its video is the key. The reviews are commons on your channel, but we found a lot of materials which were not on the market when you published the videos at the moment. We can see that you are very connected!! How do you find those novelties? Well I think some manufactures notice what we are about. Quality and honesty. And some manufactures get that this is what's important. Tell me, if you see a cheap commercial in TV where a buffed up guy tells you about some super expensive chemical solution which is supposed to give u a six pack for your next beach party, without even getting your lazy ass of the couch and stop munching Doritos, would you believe him and buy the product? If you’re sane I supposed you wouldn't and would immediately identify the manufacturer as dubious. There are so many reviewers outside who just tell you for every product they review, that it is the best thing they’ve ever had, making themselves unbelievable just to get some free stuff from other brands. It's better for a manufacturer to have someone present their product in a neutral and honest way. That's how your viewers trust you and if your products are good, they will believe it. This, in addition to stunning visuals, is what makes some manufactures, who are actually able to deal with us potentially talking negatively about their product, contact us and giving us early looks at stuff. We then get invited to manufactures and are able to get an in-depth look at prototypes, long before those things hit the marked. In your videos we could see incredible views recorded from a drone, and indeed it gives cinematographic and impressive aspects. How much importance do you give to incorporate technical improvement like this, in order to record airsoft videos for your YouTube channel? Like mentioned in the beginning, it’s nearly all about the visuals. You sometimes have to spend hours going through camera gear reviews, researching new techniques. Spending time in bed where you are supposed to sleep, when your brain suddenly gets the idea to get creative. Screaming internally when you take your iPhone, getting your eyes burned out by the bright screen when you write a note on it at 03:00 am (remember brain? You are supposed to sleep at this time), just to note that great idea which you had for the next video. Then going to work, coming back home falling into your bed immediately as the tiredness hits you suddenly and waking up 5 hours later, totally jet lagged. Repeat this infidelity. That's how you get good videos. You gotta put your heart and soul into it. The comments on Youtube videos turn sometimes into wild wars between people who appreciated and the detractors, with trolls interventions (yes, they are everywhere). How do you manage these “battles”?