Those battles were what made the original founder of VFA quit YouTube. He had enough of people trying to sabotage us, just using us, coping our style and so on and on. I talked about it briefly in the beginning and don't plan to stretch this out. I hate this part of YouTube. Stupid mindless fanboys battling each other. Creators battling each other. I say fuck this. I don't care I'm just trying to ignore this as much as possible even if it's hard. I just want to make good videos. That's all. Most people at VFA stopped reading comments under videos because you can’t smile in the camera any more if you would spend hours reading how stupid/ugly/whatever you are. It doesn’t matter to us if some people write shitty comments, we do these videos for the people who don’t. You have participated in many airsoft events outside Germany, huge events indeed. What do you think that distinguishes between German players with the others? I wouldn't say there are too much differences. If at all, there would be cultural ones. Germany is a lot less friendly towards guns and events which has to do with it. This makes Airsoft a big marginal-group sport. That evolves in some people feeling somewhat "special" and thus tolerance, treating people equal and so one, somewhat lacks here. I feel like Airsoft in Germany has a lot of hostility in it. This translated into YouTube where you can actually see it in the comments. But I could also be totally wrong. I haven't attended any events in the USA. But what I can say is that events in other foreign countries where almost every time a lot more friendly and somewhat with a warmer atmosphere. At least for me personally. And oh, of course there are a lot more gun regulations here in Germany because of said reasons before. Like no full auto guns above 0.5 J, no lasers or lights on guns and so on.