Youtube channels for entire teams are quite common, while there are times when individual members have their own channels that rival those of the team itself. So is the case of Hamza, another airsoft veteran and member of TRAC (Airsoft Recon Tactic Corp). One of the things we like most about your channel is "Le Zap de l'airsoft" in which you put together short clips called "Zappings" from the videos sent by other airsofters. What is the coolest, weirdest and most entertaining thing that has ever been sent to you? One of the most entertaining was the first clip from Le Zap # 2. Skyuta, my teammate, jumps out a window falling face first. He pretends he is fine but you can tell how he tries to conceal the pain. Just thinking about it now makes me laugh. It's definitely one of the best and funniest moments for me. In another clip, let's just not call it weird but unusual, is where an AX3 team member gets a killstreak with a foam axe! You can also find this video in Le Zap #2 Your video reviews are highly regarded on your channel if you look at the positive feedback you get, what do you think is the most important thing when reviewing gear? As for the reviews, the most important thing is to get to the point and present those things that are really important. For example, I will never waste any time with the packaging. Also, choosing quality products for the reviews is key, I just won’t review poor quality products. As a team you move through a wide variety of fields, so that your videos always look different, but most of the times show some strong CQB presence. Is playing in close quarters more impressive to show in the videos than, let’s say, playing in a forest?