1. THE ORIGIN It is a replica of the American made Ruger 10/22 semiautomatic rifle. A rifle aimed at the civilian market and for recreational shooting, very popular thanks its .22LR calibre which offers less recoil while generating greater precision. 2. PROUDLY MADE IN TAIWAN The real model has gone through many modifications and variations, and KJ Works offers this Taiwan-made replica of the tactical version of the model. It is available in two versions: the main difference are the sights; version 1 comes with M16 type (KA-05) fixed sights, version 2 with optical fibre foldable sights (KA-01). It is a model that allows great customisation capability. Thanks to the tube system of the stock it is compatible with most M4's in the market. The sights are detachable, so that we can remove them if we choose to use a telescopic sight. M4 GBB type pistol grip, so that alternatives can easily be found. 4. OPTIONS MULTIPLY The upper RIS is made of two pieces which, when mounted, create a continuous strip on which we can attach any sight compatible with this system. We also have three 15 mm detachable RIS, also made of highly-resistant plastic composite, in which to mount bipods or anpeqs. Or remove them and make the hand guard narrower for a more comfortable grip.