10+1 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THE KC02 BY KJ WORKS KJ Works KC02 There are models such as the KC02 KJ Works that despite having been in the market for a while it still has some surprises. This is why we have developed this 10+1 list of things you should know about this replica and that you may not have discovered yet. How many surprises will you find? 1. THE ORIGIN It is a replica of the American made Ruger 10/22 semiautomatic rifle. A rifle aimed at the civilian market and for recreational shooting, very popular thanks its .22LR calibre which offers less recoil while generating greater precision. 2. PROUDLY MADE IN TAIWAN The real model has gone through many modifications and variations, and KJ Works offers this Taiwan-made replica of the tactical version of the model. It is available in two versions: the main difference are the sights; version 1 comes with M16 type (KA-05) fixed sights, version 2 with optical fibre foldable sights (KA-01). 3. TACTICOOLISM It is a model that allows great customisation capability. Thanks to the tube system of the stock it is compatible with most M4's in the market. The sights are detachable, so that we can remove them if we choose to use a telescopic sight. M4 GBB type pistol grip, so that alternatives can easily be found. 4. OPTIONS MULTIPLY The upper RIS is made of two pieces which, when mounted, create a continuous strip on which we can attach any sight compatible with this system. We also have three 15 mm detachable RIS, also made of highly-resistant plastic composite, in which to mount bipods or anpeqs. Or remove them and make the hand guard narrower for a more comfortable grip. 5.HEIRESS OF A LEGEND The body is made of "High Density Nylon" using the original moulds with which Tanio Koba manufactured the most accurate and powerful version of the 10/22 a few years ago (and whose value exceeded $ 3000 in the market). The result is a replica with a perfectly balanced weight in the middle. 6. SNIPER CONFIGURATION The 350 mm outer barrel has a threaded finish (14CCW) that allows us to attach a silencer such as the KJW R14, which can accommodate a longer inner barrel. The replica's standard measures are 785/865 mm and weighs just 2,650 g, making it a very light and manageable marksman rifle. Unlike the rest of the model, the outer barrel is made of a very solid metal alloy. The downside is that it is anchored to the receiver by a metal part and two screws that focus pressure it on the low part. Over tightening may deform the barrel itself The inner barrel is 350 mm long and consists of two different size barrels coupled with a rubber band which reduces vibration. One barrel is 100 mm long and 8 mm inner diameter silver barrel is closest to the muzzle, the other gold barrel is closer to the hop-up, 250 mm in length and 6'06 mm in diameter. It’s a subjective approach, but this approach is to follow the Japanese products common aircushion directional concept. It can be found in several high end Japanese Airsoft brands, for straighter BB shooting direction. 9. MARKSMAN CONFIGURATION We can adjust the hop-up with the roulette located at the top (similar to those of Tanaka's M700 AICS series). It can be quickly corrected but it is exposed to friction and impact. Both the chamber and the hop-up rubber are of own design and even if the rubber resembles the VSR10 it is actually longer and has a thicker area to prevent the adjustment dial from piercing through the rubber. This model is compatible with gas and CO2 magazines of up to 30 bbs. Gas magazines will provide a power of 405 FPS (with green gas, at 25 °C room temperature) while CO2 magazine go up to 435 FPS. Contrary to what we have read elsewhere, we managed to empty three full magazines both with gas and CO2. You just have to properly manage the pace to prevent the temperature of the magazine from having an adverse impact. There is a shorter magazine, 22 BBs, which replicates the original model and which came with v.1. The safety pin is located directly in front of the trigger and can only be engaged once the replica is cocked. As it is a GBB, the ejection port opens with each shot, generating a recoil as powerful as any other KJW gun, only that it is much more controllable and stable in a rifle. Any airsofter who has played as marksman for a while knows that the two keys to this role are handling (which includes lightness) and accuracy. Two features that go hand in hand in this KJ Works model, which also offers great customisability. Because in addition to eliminating players we like to do so "in our own style". Anyone looking for a different marksman rifle? Characteristics: Brand: KJ Works Model: KC-02 version 2 Velocity: 405 FPS Power source: Gas/CO2 Blowback: Yes Inner barrel length: 350 mm (250 mm + 100 mm) Capacity: 30 bbs Weight: 2650 Length: 785/865 mm