EXTERNAL APPEARANCE Why does it stand out? - RIS in the upper part - 9mm style double magazine - Steel muzzle - Foldable stock - Polymer pistol grip - Only 700 mm but a weight of 3.3 kg NOT AN AKS-74U, BUT IT LOOKS LIKE ONE This SMG is based on the smallest assault rifle of the AK family, in fact, it shares 70% of its components. The upper Picatinny RIS that it includes is a characteristic of the Vityaz-SN (a modified version of the model), although it doesn't have others such as the cocking lever on the left side or the additional safety on the left side of the body. MORE OF THE SAME? TAKE A CLOSER LOOK While the Vityaz shares the same trigger and safety system with standard AK’s, it has a difference which AK lovers quickly discover. Indeed, unlike the rest of the family, this model physically blocks the coking lever when it is in the highest position, that is, the "safety's". THE LEGACY OF EXPERIENCE This model incorporates parts that have worked in other models and combines them with new parts. For example, the pistol grip is identical to that of the AK-100 series, smooth and larger, which is a good thing for those who have big hands, although we miss some non-slip material. It also includes a side support to attach a scope (as if the RIS wasn't enough) in addition to the sights... you will surely be able to aim properly!