Characteristics: Brand: LCT Model: PP-19-01 Power source: AEG Blowback: no Length: 470/700 mm Weight: 3.3 kg Power: 345 FPS* Fire rate: 1200 bbs/min Barrel length: 250 mm Barrel diameter: 6.02 mm Capacity: 50 bbs (x2 mag) Gearbox: New LCT v3 CONCLUSION External appearance Very similar to the real one in weight and length, manufactured in iron plate – which makes it almost immune to impacts – and with great attention to detail, this is a replica worthy of belonging to the AK family. Compact as an MP5 and as heavy as an AK, you will fall in love the moment you pick it up... we know from experience!! Internal appearance LCT is AK's star brand not only due to its internal appearance, as it now also carries a new gearbox III there is nothing to be added to the model to make the most out of it. Perhaps the difficulty of accessing the hop-up is the most negative aspect, but it is something inherent in this model and is very well resolved. . Branding A true AK!! You do not need the OMON logo or the name of the model branded on the body. All AK lovers know that marking the position of the safety/ semi/auto is enough for their enemy to be advised of your intentions. Operation Although this replica will work equally well in an open field or in a CQB scenario, its compact design and especially its ROF (Rate of Fire) make it more enjoyable to empty its magazines in a CQB match.