WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AN IPSC AND AN AIRSOFT GUN? Rw. AW Custom HX2201 pistol A competition pistol requires the highest performance, accuracy and stability to successfully aim on target regardless of the distance or the fact that either the shooter or the target may not be still. And the same applies in a game of airsoft; you expect the best performance from your replicas to hit the enemy (who is rarely standing still) or otherwise you become the target. Just the design, more eye-catching in shooting competitions, more "camouflaged" in conventional games, can make a difference. And this is an area where the taste of each player comes into play, as there is no accounting for taste. The design is inspired in a 1911, one of the models most favoured by airsofters, and for which there is a wide variety of holsters. Although this pistol stands out, as evidenced by the functional mechanism of the firing pin (rather difficult to notice, right?). . It has a longer design to accommodate a larger barrel and achieve more precision and stability in the flight of the ball, something thought for IPSC scenarios but which we appreciate in any situation. The body has five holes for attaching the IPSC Mount Kit, a rail designed for scopes which is anchored to the body and will not move with the slide in each shot, increasing accuracy.