Emerson G3 Combat Uniform Multicam Tropic The cut in this uniform is characterised by how it adapts to the body, making it comfortable not only to wear it, but also to play while wearing it. Its high waist will keep the trousers in place even when crouching or jumping. And the straps behind the knees will hold the knee pads in place. Velcro-fastened cuffs - Zippered - Pockets with double Velcro rows for patches - Reinforced fabric around elbows - Made of ripstop fabric 50/50 Polyester/Cotton - 12 pockets design - 6 cm buckles - Removable knee pads, with double protective fabric. - Straps at the waist, knees and ankles. Inspired by Crye Precision The design of this uniform was created by Crye Precision. It has been manufactured to meet the requirements of an operator, for example, the T-shirt is designed to be worn under the vest, this way the chest and back (the parts in contact with vest) are soft and breathable, while the part of the arms offers greater protection. Such is their willingness of adapting to modern times that they have already revised the design several times, as this is their third generation. Emerson Tactical Polo (EM8578) http://www.yzh.hk/en_ArticleShow.asp?ArticleID=5954 This polo shirt is very breathable, ideal for after playing. Within its classic cut, it incorporates some details like a flap at the end of the buttons to hang your sunglasses or a small shoulder pocket to carry a pen or a chemical light. Emerson All-weather Outdoor Tactical Short Pants Multicam (EM7023) http://www.yzh.hk/En_ArticleShow.asp?ArticleID=5889 They are very comfortable to wear thanks to their waist with rubber belt loops, it provides a better fit without ripping-off the top button no matter what we eat after the game. It has a 14 pockets design which, besides enabling us to carry many items, allows us to distribute the weight evenly. Emerson Gear Assault Backpack/RemovableOperatorPack Multicam (EM5818) http://www.yzh.hk/En_ArticleShow.asp?ArticleID=7998 Someone thought that a backpack which could be attached to the vest was a good idea, and so he was right. This backpack, inspired by Tactical Tailor, has a large main pocket divided into two sections to firmly carry a gas tank or a 1.5 litres water bottle, and a compartment behind that can hold a3 litre hydration bag. It also has a secondary compartment to place the helmet which will be tightly held due to the pressure. In the outer net we can hang small garments or take advantage of the molle to add more pouches. It has straps to adjust the space which secures the content when we carry it during play, similarly, we can adjust the strips of the shoulder straps and those at the chest to bring it as close to our body as possible. In addition, we can release the clips of the straps and use the hooks included in the backpack to attach it to a vest or a rucksack.