EmersonGear Tactical Assaulter Cap Kryptek Typhon (EM8727) http://www.yzh.hk/en_ArticleShow.asp?ArticleID=8079 The Kryptek Phyton is not the only cool thing about this cap. It has three large areas for patches, the outline for the head is made of nylon net so it is highly breathable, and although its a one size fits all item, the rubber has an elastic point that helps secure the visor. Ballistics Para Cord SG Bracelet (BD7649B) http://www.yzh.hk/en_ArticleShow.asp?ArticleID=4989 This 25 cm bracelet is made of 2.5 m intertwined paracord with a clip closure that includes a whistle. These two tools can be very useful in case of survival, allowing us to pin point our position or easily build a shelter. Although we will need to use a tutorial video to braid the bracelet back to its original shape. EmersonGear Multi-function RECON Waist Bag Multicam (EM9176MC) http://www.yzh.hk/en_ArticleShow.asp?ArticleID=8048 This is a replica of the Emdom waist bag, its "V" shape keeps it in place no matter how we fill it in or move about, as it will not hit our lower abdomen during the games we've played while carrying it. We may use its strap or fix it directly to the molle or to the belt, as we have seen the MARSOC carry it. It has four compartments: in the main one we can fit multiple magazines or a BBs bag; the front is good place to store smaller items such as speed loaders; and we still have two narrow compartments at the top and on the inside ideal for maps and documents.