Emerson Shooting T shirt (EM6752) http://www.yzh.hk/en_ArticleShow.asp?ArticleID=6139 Many shooters prefer to wear tight T-shirts like this one, as it allows them to move comfortably without the clothes interfering with their movements. It may seem silly, but every second counts at the shooting range. This particular one comes with high quality Magpul embroidery at the shoulder and chest, while the inside Emerson logo is silk-screened inside to be more comfortable. Emerson UTL Urban Tacical Pants (EM7037C) http://www.yzh.hk/En_ArticleShow.asp?ArticleID=7322 The design focuses the 9 pockets in the upper part of the garment, offering a large load capacity which is adjusted to the leg, allowing us to run comfortably. The waist has an elastic fold at the back for a better fit. We liked the pocket on the front where we can perfectly fit a gun magazine, although it is useless if we carry a thigh holster. Clothes do not make the man, but we can learn a great deal about a player by the clothes he wears. The material he chooses, how it is arranged... these are all clues about his experience, a point that often has little to do with time and a lot to do with experience and accumulated knowledge. So ask yourself this: what do you wear?