Never stop fighting it She is always dormant, and may manifest herself in the most unexpected moments. Perhaps during your holiday or when you have less free time... She is cunning and has thousands of ways to attack, because she knows your weakness. She knows you. She knows us. Any weekend you may wake up and realise you are not wearing your uniform, or that you have not loaded your batteries, what's worst, you don't even know where they are! Be careful, friend ... there she is, laziness, that wicked beast that has made a dent in your warrior soul. Playing, sweating, fighting with your team and friends is no longer a need, but a memory. A chill will run through your body, as you will start to become the "anecdotes guy". But laziness is easy to defeat, even more so if the fighting spirit is still in your body. Get off your ass, go play, meet new people, organise games yourself! You are, we all are the real engine of airsoft. Never give up, never stop fighting it.