EXTERNAL APPEARANCE Why does it stand out? The Avalon series is divided into two models: Carbine and CQB, which are distinguished by their length: 9" and 14.5" respectively. Although both come in rigid carrying cases. At the moment it is only available in black, but chances are it will soon be released in bronze Calibur series colour too. The design of the muzzle is based on the Bulgarian AK74 SU Krinkov, taking advantage of its inside cone-shape to cool the gases before they are mixed with outside air. This design is intended for CQB as it reduces the flashes and recoil. Furthermore, its "crown" finish is intended to break through glass. Although these are all non-practical features in terms of airsoft and are just purely aesthetic characteristics. The hand guard carries the M-Lok system developed by Magpul as an evolution from MOE Slot System launched in 2007. It has slots in the 4-axis where we can attach the rails without removing the hand guard. The straight triggers are an option that many shooters choose to reduce the trigger-pulling range, while it offers less resistance thanks to lightweight designs such as the one provided by this Avalon replica. This enables a faster response during game play, and we all know what this means: to eliminate the enemy or going back to respawn.