Crusader is a brand specialising in quality components. This model contains several of those components: -M4 Ambidextrous Tactical Charging Handle Latch, an element that helps us take advantage of the functional boltcach. -M4 extended magazine release, it is not fixed, making the anchoring system of the belt more comfortable. -M4 Extended magazine release, it facilitates rapid and instinctive reload even with heavy gloves. INTERNAL APPEARANCE The gearbox is a "version 2" with VFC markings on the box. The main peculiarity is that it incorporates an internal mosfet, more effective than a fuse when protecting the electrical system and silver wiring. The piston is also better protected thanks to the fact that half the teeth are metallic and it has also been reinforced in the side seams of the teeth. The piston head is made of reinforced aluminium for greater durability. The configuration of the replicas is adapted to the laws of each country, therefore in models under 1J they carry a high speed motor, yet those which exceed such power carry a high torque one, to maximise performance. The quick-change system allows us to access the spring and the spring rail (both with metal bearings to facilitate torque) without having to open the whole gearbox. This facilitates maintenance and having the replica ready at optimal speed for each event. It carries a 270 mm barrel, the standard length for CQB models, with an inner diameter of 6.04 mm. Although it has O-ring marks, being such a short model with such a narrow barrel, these are not included. Remember "Saving Private Ryan" (1998)? Then you may recall the famous sniper, Pvt. Daniel Jackson, saying the words engraved on this barrel: "Blessed be the LORD my strength which teaches my hands to war, and my fingers to fight". It carries a 60º Maple Leaf rubber with a skid pattern design for a better grip on the hop-up chamber. It has longer and thinner lips for better sealing the air when attached to the mouth of the nozzle. It has a triangle-shaped protrusion which when pressed by the "Maple Leaf AEG Hop Tensioner" of concave cut makes the BB spiral. All combined makes the BB increases the range by 20-30% regardless of the speed at which our replica is fired.