EXPERIENCE ¿ What are the most appreciated features among airsofters when choosing a replica for CQB? Handling, lightness, rate of fire, accuracy, resistance ... After testing it during a game we can confirm that all these features are present in this replica. Although what really surprised us was the flying trajectory of the balls. A replica so compact that with this configuration and this speed (this may vary depending on the legislation of each country) offers a more tense trajectory than usual. And this is largely due to the compression quality generated by the new ECS gearbox and the spiral effect achieved by the Maple Leaf rubber. Making a comparison with AMG's advertising slogan all we have left to say is: “Avalon. Airsofting performance”. Characteristics: Brand: Avalon Model: Saber CQB Length: 770-680 mm Velocity: 310 FPS * Power source: AEG Blowback: No Inner barrel length: 270 mm Inner barrel diameter: 6.04 mm Magazine: Midcap