AIRSOFT, THE WAY IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE PLAYED . Airsoft events can be of different types. The favourite type of game for airsofters is still milsim, in which the players try to reproduce a real situation simulating the way the military units act. These events usually require a huge effort from the organisation, to create interesting missions and to surprise the players, or to find a scenario that makes it unique. There is, however, always a lack of dynamism when developing a modern fight simulation. And that can't be solved without access to armoured vehicles. After all, the troops’ mobility is essential nowadays. Now, imagine an airsoft event in which the most important role is played by military vehicles, which you could use any time you need, as a transport or an attack device, a turret or for a cover, a hospital or a command center. And today it’s possible in the biggest airsoft event in the world: WARGAME!