This event is relatively recent. It was created in 2012 as a result of collaboration between the Military Ministry of Russian Federation and the Airsoft Federation of Russia, organised by the “ZLO” airsoft team. And we have to say that the Ministry of Defence’s daughter helped a lot as she is an airsoft fan too ;-). She delivered the opening speech of the last event in May 2016. The Wargame gathers between 3000 and 4500 players 2 times a year. Because of the harsh Russian climate, the airsoft season is very short, from May to October. Thus, lots of players are present for each event. And these events represent the beginning and the end of the airsoft season in Russia. Playing in Russia may be too far for most of the 0’20’s readers but not for all. Dimitry, member of the French team “Mitchell Team”, got the opportunity to live this experience and today, he tells us about it. After introducing you, everybody asks the same thing: how did you manage to play such an important Russian event? I live in France but I have a friend in Russia who told me that he had dreamt for several years about going to the biggest airsoft game ever. When he told me about the game, I ensured him that this year I would go with him and, for sure, with my French team. I think that every airsofter’s dream is to play with real tanks ;-) I suppose that going to Russia has been a great adventure but, once there, did you find differences between the European airsoft and the Russian airsoft? Airsoft is almost exactly the same in every country. The small differences you may find often depend on local laws. In Russia, when you play in an outside field, the power limit is 500 FPS (with 0.20g balls), but if you play in a building, you can use a maximum of 400 FPS, and 600 FPS with bolt snipers. There is no restriction for full auto shooting or for head shots ;-).